Hey, beautiful mama.

As I glance at you at the park, at the café, pushing the pram down the street, I see you there, but I do not entirely see you. I only see a part of you.

This is what I see . . . 

Empty eyes.

Withdrawn face.

Hands shaking.

A majority of your existence has been swallowed up with guilt, blanketed with depression and charged with anxiety. The rest of you is knee-deep in the struggles of motherhood.

Please do not blame yourself for feeling like this. This is what postpartum depression does. It is not you; it a disorder that infects the mind and embeds the heart and soul with absolute angst and pain. 

Please do not let the disorder make you ashamed or weak.

Please do not let PPD make you feel like you are an incapable, imperfect, incomplete mother.

Please do not let PPD make you feel guilty to speak up and talk to someone.

Please do not let PPD make you feel alone—as loneliness can be destructive.

I hope you will soon understand this—you are one amazing mother.

Your children think you are perfect.

You are capable of being a parent.

You are stronger than you think.

You are more than worthy.

I hope soon, you will find your life complete.

Remember, healing takes time.

Gorgeous mama, please be kind to yourself.

Look after yourself.

Please find time for yourself.

Even if it is for 10 minutes, it is time to recollect, recuperate, and recover.

I am so sorry you are going through this torment, mama. It may seem like forever at the moment, but in time the storm will pass.

Soon you will see sunny days.

And once you do, the rays will shine ever so brightly that they will warm and melt every corner of darkness you have lived in.

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Yvette Mystakas

Yvette Mystakas is the founder and owner of She is Sacred - a blog, which embraces Womanhood, Sisterhood and Motherhood. She writes raw, from the heart, heartbreaking yet empowering words of her struggles with mental health, the importance of self-care and identity. Yvette has brought together women from across the globe sharing each other's stories. Whether they are a mother, single woman, wife, girlfriend, she is reassuring that we are all not alone and to embrace this beautiful mess. You can follow Yvette's journey on Facebook and Instagram.