Single motherhood is running alongside the bike. 

Although it feels so hard to keep up with a moving bike on foot, all your child remembers is your presence

That you were right there to catch her if she falls. 

You are her constant safety net. 

Her security. 

I’ve watched you love with your whole heart, even when you felt there was nothing left to give. 

I’ve watched you show your child how to work hard, have determination, and you have done so with an immense amount of grace and honor. 

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I’ve watched you love so hard and so big while holding back tears. 

I’ve watched you show your baby you can be knocked down to the ground but get back up even stronger. 

I’ve watched you pour yourself into your baby enough to fill the role of two. 

I’ve watched you stand up for yourself while teaching your baby how to do so, too.

I’ve watched you tackle things you never thought you could.

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Although it may seem like so much of your life as a single mom goes unnoticed, I see how much of your heart is for your baby each and every day. 

I see you hold all the worry, all the stress, all the schedules.  

I’ve seen you work long hours only to come home and work even harder. 

Single mama, I promise you that your baby is blissfully unaware of your struggle. Unaware of all you go without so she can have her fond memories.

You are so much more than you give yourself credit for. 

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Single motherhood is often running alongside the bike. 

But, please remember while you’re running, you are actually all the beautiful parts of their childhood memories.

Michelle Tate

A native Texan, born and raised, I married my college sweetheart, and now spend my days raising our three young boys. In another life, I was an elementary school teacher, before diving deep in my true passion for my own babies and writing. My new children’s book, “Be” encourages kids to be the best versions of themselves while being accepting and kind to everyone they meet. Follow me on Facebook at Raising Humble Humans