The baby wakes up screaming, and I can see spots of liquid all over the crib on the monitor. It’s either throw up or poop. Please be poop. Mom life. 

It’s dinner time, and I just realized my baby had syrup in her hair all day. And so do I. Mom life. 

I don’t need a gymI just get my toddler up, dressed, fed, and in the car and I’m sweating. Mom life. 

I look like I haven’t showered in days and my clothes have food on them, but my kid is bathed, dressed to the T, and smells good. Mom life. 

We had Chik-fil-A for dinner three nights this week. In. A. Row. Mom life. 

The sound machine is my lifeline. Mom life. 

Coffee is my favorite smell. With the exception of my baby after a bath. Mom life. 

Bathroom time is no longer private time. Mom life. 

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A glass of wine is magical. But also puts me right to sleep. Which is also magical. Mom life. 

If it’s not on Amazon Prime, I’m not getting it. Mom life. 

I shower twice a week around 11 p.m. after dishes are done, laundry is folded, and everyone is sleeping. And sometimes there is no more hot water. Mom life. 

A family trip to Target is a nice outing, but a mom trip alone to Target is a mini-vacation. Mom life. 

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Famous last words for my to-do list: “There is always tomorrow.” Mom life. 

I can experience every emotion before noon on most days. Mom life. 

Sometimes I save my favorite snack for after the kids go to bed so I don’t have to share. Mom life. 

I look forward to some me time, but as soon as I get it, I feel guilty and miss my babies. Mom life. 

I hate when things are dirty and stickyand everything is always dirty or sticky. Mom life. 

Everything above doesn’t even matter at all when my baby looks at me and smiles.

I wouldn’t change a single thing. 

Because this is mom life. 

Shaina Sweeney

Hello everyone! My name is Shaina Sweeney. I am a very proud mommy to a beautful baby girl and adorbale pup, and let's not forget, proud wife to an incredible husband! I just want to share my experiences becoming a new mom so anyone who stumbles upon this will know, they are not alone! Motherhood is truly a blessing.