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My child, I hope you know you can count on this: I will show up for you.

I will show up when you wake in the middle of the night, when you get up too early or stay up too late. I will be there to make your meals, read you a story, and tuck you into bed.

I will show up when you are sicktaking time off work, bringing you to the doctor, cleaning up your throw-up, and sitting up with you.

I will show up at every game, sitting in the stands or a camp chair, freezing or sweating, or, on rare occasions, enjoying the warm sun and a light breeze.

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I will show up for the play in which you are in two scenes, for the game during which you mostly sit on the bench, and for the never-ending award ceremony for the 30 seconds you stand on the stage.

I will show up in the car even when that is the only place we are together.

I am happy to be with you for the conversations, your favorite music, and even just the silence.

I will show up for late-night talks when you suddenly feel like sharing. I will listen even though I do not know what to say and my eyelids feel like they are propped open with toothpicks.

I will show up when others don’t show up, whether it be family members, friends, or anyone you wanted to be there. I will be there for you in the place of those who should show up but won’t or want to show up but can’t.

I will show up even when I am distracted, arrive late, or have to leave early. 

Even though my mind is in a million different places, I will be there.

I will show up even when I can’t physically be there, arranging rides and logistics, thinking about you, and waiting anxiously to hear about everything when we get home.

I will show up for your highsgame wins, awards, school triumphs, and fun times. I will be brimming over with happiness to see your joyous face and to hear all the details.

I will show up for your lowslosing, not being chosen, hurt feelings, and hard times. Your pain is my pain, and I feel every disappointment with you.

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I will show up for all your emotionsoverjoyed, excited, devastated, shockingly angry, disappointed, or frustrated. I will show up for your feelings even when they are hard to take, and I will try not to judge them.

I will show up even when I have to show up for you and your siblings all at once and each of you only gets a piece of me.

I will show up for you as you grow up, through each year and milestone. I will smile and cry through every birthday and graduation. I will be there even when you need me less as someone you can always come home to.

My child, you are not going to remember me as a perfect mother who did everything right. I have not ever been able to give you everything I wanted, and I often don’t know exactly what you need.

But there is one thing I will always give youmy presence in your life.

I hope you will always remember that I showed up.

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Elizabeth Ascik is a single mom of 4 living in Northern Virginia. When she gets time between kids and work, she loves to spend time with friends, plan parties, and read and discuss books. She has always wanted to be a writer.

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