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My Love For The Plains… Is Growing On Me

My Love For The Country... Is Growing On Me
Written by Pamela Homolka
Let me preface this by saying I’m not a country girl. If you want a semi-accurate depiction of me (minus the accent and jewels), watch an episode of the classic TV series, “Green Acres.”  To paraphrase the heroine, “Dah-ling, I love you but give me a population big enough to support a What-A-Burger.”
That being said, much like Zsa-Zsa, I married a country boy. He lives for the wild open spaces. As in our current home of 900+ people is too big for him. As in if we had the nearest neighbor five miles away from us on each side,  he’d be fine.
As in I entered the Matrix and I am still not sure which side is up.
I have learned over the last five years how to get along. I accept that the grocery store is closed on Sundays and the nearest one is fifteen miles away. I now refer to leaving my home to go to any slightly larger area as ” going to town.”  And my pointer finger has an uncontrollable reflex to lift as a “Hello” to Every. Person. I. See.
If you would’ve asked the me of five years ago if I would ever find myself happy in an area like this, I would have blacked out from falling over laughing and bumping my head on an end table. Now? Though we butt heads, I’ve found beauty in my former foe.
The serenity I once only found in the ocean surprises me with its call when I look out over the plains.
Though I begrudge the winter (SNOW! SO MUCH SNOW!), I find myself sharing very personal, thoughtful moments with my children from it. My toddlers eyes as they take in every dancing flake twirling from the sky. My 9- and 10- year old running up the stairs to hastily grab their coats and gloves for snow angel and snow man fun. Seeing winter through a child’s eyes has both medicinal and magical properties to it and I highly recommend it every chance you get.
And the sky, oh, that sky! Here still the ocean and the sky share a gift: the ability to make you realize how small you really are. A lesson in gratitude for the beauty you can witness and humility for the gift of seeing it.
No, I’m not a country girl. But I appreciate those that are and I thank you for sharing the beauty of your piece of the world with me.


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Pamela Homolka

Hi! My name is Pamela Homolka. I am a mom to four beautiful souls on Earth (Anastasia, Devin, John, and Chance), and three in Heaven (my last one being my son, Nathaniel). I am also a wife to a wonderful husband of almost four years and a substitute teacher at Grand Island Public Schools.

I haven’t quite decided if I’m a teacher with a writing hobby or vice versa, but I thoroughly enjoy both at any rate. My heart is in Texas, but I dearly love my family and friends in Nebraska and currently reside in Henderson.