Today as I was driving through town I saw a sign that really made me think, “Please excuse the mess…Better things to come.”

I always read the sign of this business because they typically have Christian messages that I like to talk about with my kids. (The current sign is referring to an addition to their business that’s currently under construction.) 

I’ve seen this sign every time I’ve driven into town the last few weeks but today was different.

As my twins were having a heated in-depth conversation behind me about what 9 times 100 equals (and being that they’re 7, neither knew the answer), I was deep in thought over the sign’s message and how it relates to life. 

We are all working on our “mess!”

Some of us have more to “clean up” than others but we all have some kind of mess that we need to work on. We are all sinners and each of has bears our own set of flaws. Some are able to be fixed (and once it’s done, life is definitely better) and others seem like no matter what you do, you just can’t break free of that mess.

Whether your “mess” is an alcohol or drug problem, a divorce, loss of a job, unhealthy choices regarding food, or family trouble, each of these “messes” requires some form of clean up. 

Cleaning up involves making a change whether it’s a healthier lifestyle, learning from a broken relationship, getting some counseling or getting back on your feet financially which leads to better things to come.

Some people hide their mess by never letting people inside their home that is so cluttered you can’t walk, or hiding a broken heart behind a fake smile, or running up credit card after credit card because they can’t quit emotional shopping. 

So today I’m owning my mess! Please excuse me while I intentionally work on each piece that makes up my pile of mess because I agree that there are better things to come. 

How about you? How are you going to own that mess so you can grow from it and experience a better life? If you can’t do the work alone, please get help! Better things are to come!


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