What a place to live!!

Here where I live, it’s certainly pumpkin time. I can not believe just how orange this fruit can be!! They come in all different sizes and shapes and just make you want to put a face on them. In spite of the fact that some people say they just can not think in orange, I find it to be just the right color for this time of season. 

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But I was reminded that part of the fun of having the BEST pumpkin on your front step, is going out in the field and FINDING that pumpkin.

My dear sweet husband took me to a near-by pumpkin ranch here lately. And I do mean ranch!! This place is huge, but it is not for games and hayrack rides. There is not a bouncy house in sight. It is for discovering the best pumpkins and gourds you can find, on your own.

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Yes, it is out in the country, off the beaten track, but still pretty easy to find. You will be so glad you made the trip. This place has all kinds and sizes of pumpkins. “Just for the picking”,  as they say.

When you arrive, you will find a post with a sign on it.

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   There on the post are clippers to help you remove as much of the stem as you want, a towel to help you carry back the pumpkins that are just too large for one person and – – -here is the amazing part – – an envelope.


Yes – -an envelope. The suggested prices are on the envelope. Your job is to venture out into the field, find your treasures and return to the post. You mark on the envelope what you picked up, add up the prices, put the money in the envelope and place the envelope in the box.

The prices are amazing. The best you will find any where. And all this is done all on the honor system.

The day I was there – the place was full of honorable people. Picking and placing.

What a great place to live!!



 And here’s more info on that amazing pumpkin patch. Nielsen Kids U-Pick Pumpkin patch

Connie Jelkin

I have been a Librarian for over 25 years in both the public library and now in the school system. I really feel that it is important to teach kids the love of books and reading. That being said, I love going to all kinds of movies and plays with my husband, Jim. Everyone says that he is a very patient man.