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This week, one year ago, was one of the most difficult weeks of my life. Fast forward to exactly one year later, and here I am cuddling you, my sweet boy.

I never truly understood what “rainbow baby” was all about, but I get it now. Sure, I knew what it meant and what it represented. I had read the articles and heard the stories. I had seen the meaningful images and understood the definition. But I never truly and deeply knew what happens when a rainbow baby meets their mama . . . until you.

When a rainbow baby meets their mama, the heaviest weight is lifted off her chest the minute they are placed on it.

That first breath they take, after months of holding hers, is the most massive relief ever felt.

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All of the fear, pain, and anxiety are immediately replaced with peace.

This whole new appreciation for life is born.

All of the what-ifs vanish into thin air as you realize your baby is here safe in your arms.

You finally understandin all of its depthjust what others were talking about.

You promise yourself to soak up every cuddle and breath.

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It’s now the simple things that are the most precious.

It’s a trying journey but all so worth it at the end when a rainbow baby meets their mama.

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