I’ve repurposed a door frame before and it was so fun and so beautiful I wanted to do more!

Although this is super cute as is (thank you Karla!), it was screaming for some color!

I call it an old door frame but I think it’s really the molding across the top of old doors. This was in really good shape!

Aren’t these paper designs cute? They were perfect to add some texture to this rather flat board.

Measuring carefully, I centered the paper cut outs across the board and glued them down. Then gave the door frame a good sanding which also chipped it up a little. I love chipiness!

And of course I painted it turquoise! I am in LOVE with this color. After a few coats of paint, I roughed it up with sandpaper then got out my secret weapon, Valspar Antiquing Glaze, to give it that old antiqued look that always adds nice texture. But of course I forgot to document those steps!

Next step was drilling holes in the center of the paper cut outs for the knobs.

My idea worked out perfectly! I loved the added texture!

The knobs are longer than the board is thick but it’s nothing a Dremel can’t handle! I just snapped on my metal cutting wheel and basically sanded off the ends of the knobs.

I’m in love.

I stare at it everyday hanging in my office.

It turned out so awesome!

Especially this cute little guy!

What have you repurposed lately?



Megan O'Dea Jenkins

Art has always been a passion of Megan’s so when she’s not spending time in the office, on the golf course or on the bike trail, Megan is usually creating something, and it’s usually out of junk! Megan is a newlywed and has been busy creating treasures to decorate her new house. You can expect creative inspiration from Megan as she shares how to take everyday junk and turn it into beautiful home decor!