With Memorial Day coming up and a warmer weather in tow, I like to have easy, summertime recipes in my back pocket for entertaining at home and bringing along to the get togethers that pop up this time of year. Ricotta and Lemon Bruschetta is the best start to any summertime meal. 

Light, fresh and easy to assemble are the keys to a good summer appetizer and I have turned to this one time and again with rave reviews. The ingredients may be few, but they sing when put together. 

A couple of notes for success: I recommend below using a flaky sea salt called Maldon for optimal results. If you want to amp up the flavor, you can brush the toasted bread with olive oil and a clove of garlic,  but I find that with little mouths to feed, less is sometimes more. 


1 baguette sliced on the bias

1 container of ricotta cheese

zest of approximately 2 lemons

fresh black pepper

salt (preferably Maldon)



1) Toast sliced baguette either over the grill or in the oven (350 degrees F) until crusty; approximately 5 minutes

2) Top each slice with a smear of ricotta cheese, then sprinkle the salt, pepper and lemon zest generously.

3) Don’t forget to drizzle honey over the top for a wonderful presentation and delicious flavor combination.

Megan Leanderson

Megan Leanderson grew up in the Midwest, but has since collected various addresses including New Zealand and Charlotte, NC (which will always feel like home). Currently, Megan and her husband are raising their family in Toronto, ON; they have one son and are expecting another baby in June. Megan is fond of creative projects, particularly writing and cooking. Passionate about celebrating life’s joys and adventures (both big and little), Megan blogs about both at http://www.pinktogreenblog.com/