Good Morning from my favorite place…ever. The farm. It’s my sister’s now – was my parent’s home (my Grandparents and my Great Grandparents home, too).  

Guys – it’s the first time I’ve spent the night in years. (Because, yes – our home is only an hour away.)  I slept wonderful even though my sister yelled at the bottom of the steps to get me up at 6:45. (Thanks for that – punk.)   We were at the Webster County Fair last night – another favorite place. We’re headed down the road to mom and dad’s for breakfast in a bit. Before I head out – I must chat with you about something.  The column I wrote this week was inspired by these two.

Pinch of Yum Is it weird to be inspired by random strangers? Maybe. But I was. I am. I’ve been frustrated with myself lately. Making excuses, etc – saying this is all too hard. It’s very annoying, really. So I decided to do something about it. And found them. Pinch of Yum.

Guys – they walk anyone through the steps of how to make income on a blog. Truly. Best financial advice for websites ever? I haven’t found better. And they responded to my e-mail. Twice. That’s big. Can we get really honest here? Yes. Let’s do it. Jen and I don’t do this for the money. (Which is evident since – you know, we don’t really have enough each month after our costs to even buy a cup of coffee.)  We have fantastic local advertisers – but lately haven’t tried very hard to find more. And we need to. This is a business. And eventually, we would all like to pay our editors and writers and give back to the community and maybe even buy a cup of coffee for ourselves. So we’re taking a closer look at it all. Ramping up our local advertising and diving into the national ads, too. (Which is why you might see more of those guys on the site!)

I’ll be back on here soon talking about what’s working for us and what others may want to avoid. In the meantime, check out these step by step tips to make money on your own blog. It’s awesome advice. And now – I’m heading out to chow down Mom’s cinnamon rolls.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

PS:  I leave you with a few fair shots/selfies! sisters sheep girls

Leslie Means

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