Autumn is such a fun time of year to capture the beauty of central Nebraska.

This peaceful road was found north of Litchfield, Nebraska.

 One of my friends tipped me off that Butch’s Repair shop in Sumner had a lot of really neat flowers by the old cars. So, next time I was headed to Sumner, I made sure to bring my camera. The sunflowers were a cheerful sight surrounding the old classic cars. The sunflowers grew so thick, it completely amazed me. I spoke with the owner about photographing his cars, and he graciously gave me permission to take a few photographs.

I pulled down the fence  to get a glimpse of this neat old Cadillac. The baby blue hue of the

rusty car contrasted nicely with wild sunflowers growing around it.


Andrea Kelley

Andrea is a fine art photographer who specialized in taking pictures of classic cars and rural Nebraska landscapes. To see more of her photography visit Pictures Of Nebraska. She also is the founder of a video website called Slideshows For Homes. Andrea helps people create real estate videos to assist them with selling their homes.