Hip pain – My right hip for the last eight months has been giving me some real grief. I feel like an 80 year old woman when it rains, “my bones are aching!”. But this is in fact no laughing matter. This hurts. Allow me to elaborate. Ill be walking through the mall shopping for some practical things shoes, when all of a sudden, ‘BAM!’ I took a step too fast and my right hip is gone. It sincerely feels like I have been shot close range! After the initial ‘I have no leg’ feeling has subsided, I then have to walk through the rest of the mall limping like a pirate but without the bad ass looking wooden leg. Have you told your doctor? You may be wondering. Well, I just chalked it up to the whole pregnancy thing and figured it would go away with time. I guess the age old rumour that moms really do think of ourselves last is true. I might buy a cool looking cane and call it a day. 

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer used to be a sexy, tattooed 'barstar'/party girl. Now, she is a proud domesticated quarter of a century blogging housewife, with a definite flair for the dramatic side! She's a self proclaimed 'Lactivist' & pro attachment parent mama to Anastasia! Check out her blog at http://www.mommywearsheels.com/