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Sweet babe, have you heard the news? You’re going to be a big sibling! Our family is growing, and there will be a new, squishy baby to love on and to welcome home. 

This baby will be a little different from your baby doll. This baby won’t need you to feed them toy carrots or make them beds of blankets. But, they will definitely need your sweet kisses and lullabies. It’s made my heart melt watching how loving and attentive you are, and I know you’ll be ready for this new role as a big sibling. 

It will be beautiful, but I know that there will be growing pains too. 

I know this will be exciting for all of us but it will also be tough on you. You won’t be the littlest baby in the house anymore. And you might not know how to process that at first.

Things will be different.

Mama’s attention will be divided.

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There will be times when I’ll need your help. There will be moments when I have to finish feeding baby before I can play. I know this might be frustrating for you, but please know it doesn’t mean I don’t want to be with you. 

Having another baby around might make you feel sad at first, and that’s OK. You haven’t had the same mental preparation for this as Mama and Daddy have. You’ve seen my belly grow but didn’t fully know what that would mean for our family.

I want you to know we are here for you during this transition.

Your emotions matter to us. Your big milestones are still so special, and we want to celebrate them with you. 

We know we are going to expect a lot out of you, and I hope you can be patient with us. This is all new for us too. Please forgive us as we figure out how to balance things. It’s very important to us that you feel heard and included. I know we won’t do this perfectly, but we will do it together

But I want you to remember, no matter what, that we love you more and more every day. No sibling could ever replace you. You are both such important parts of our family tapestry. We aren’t complete without all the beautiful, unique things that you are. 

You may not be the baby anymore, but you’ll always be our baby.

Both of you will. 

And as you both grow, I know your relationship will grow too. Sibling bonds are so special, and I hope you find comfort and companionship in it as I have with my own siblings. 

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I am so proud of you. Thank you for making me a mama. And thank you for being there to watch me become a mama to baby number two. 

I can’t wait to see all the amazing ways you’ll shine in your new role, too. 

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