To my (not-so) little girl,

Here are 11 things I want you to know before you become an 11-year-old

1. I will always love you, no matter what.

Just like God’s love for us, my love for you is not dependent on what you do or don’t do. Tell me everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly – because my love isn’t going anywhere.

2. Life is so much better God’s way.

The world out there will try and sell you on all sorts of things. Please realize that most of them are flat-out lies. God has a plan and design for your life, the way He intended. Look to Him and His Word on this, not to the world around you.

3. You are so incredibly beautiful.

God created you, He knit you together in your mother’s womb (hey, that’s me!). Every part of you was hand-crafted; learn to love the one and only masterpiece that is YOU.

4. Difficult things can also be good things.

Life is not just about comfort and ease. Some of your hardest days can also be your best ones too. Living sacrificially isn’t always easy, but it is what we are called to do as followers of Christ. Do it well, with all your heart!

5. You are a leader, and the best leaders serve.

You have a gift of leadership. Learn how to love others and then use it to lead. Jesus is our best example. Always be ready to wash people’s feet everywhere you go.

6. Respect your body in all you do.

Did you know your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit? It was designed by God, and in Christ, God dwells there now! So take care of it, sweet girl. Feed it with good food for fuel, keep it moving and active, honor it in everything you do and in who you share it with.

7. Sex is sacred and good.

Society has twisted this up in all sorts of ways and I’ve had to unlearn a lot of it myself. But you need to know that God designed sex to be an intimate union between man and woman; it is a good and beautiful thing. Do not take it lightly. Protect it like gold right now and enjoy it like diamonds one day.

8. Don’t plan everything out.

Trust me, kiddo, I get it. You and I both are crazy for a good plan and are pretty great at arranging ideas and timelines. But always be ready for whatever God may have for you. Never be too focused on your own plan that you miss out on something amazing, or even someone amazing.

9. Motherhood is valuable.

You will face plenty of pressure to succeed and climb in a career of your choosing. Remember that being a mom is an amazing gift that deserves your attention also. You will be a great mother one day and your children will think so too.

10. Don’t for a second stay stuck on what somebody else said.

People aren’t perfect. They may end up hurting you with their words, sometimes on purpose out of jealousy or anger, or other times they may be totally clueless. Either way, their words don’t define you. Read and know His Word instead.

11. Your worth is already determined.

Do not try and find your worth in clothes, in boys, in grades, in achievements, in the affection of others, or in anything else. Christ has already determined your worth and it is so high that He willingly died for you. Know that your worth is wrapped up in Him, and He wraps you always in His love.

So very sincerely,
Your (not-too) old mama

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Michelle K Umbehauer

Michelle K Umbehauer studied Journalism at La Salle University in Philadelphia. She soon opted to become a stay-at-home momma (x5), yet has never stopped with her love of writing. She's currently a regular speaker at Crossroads Community Church and a local leader of Moms in Prayer in New Jersey. Whether in ministry, motherhood, or marriage, Michelle has a life passion to encourage others in Christ, and she especially loves doing so alongside of her husband, Doug. Her recent book, GOT YOUR HANDS FULL, is currently available on Amazon.