What's on my desk?   www.herviewfromhome.comI’ve always been fascinated by sneak peeks into other people’s lives. House buying tours, “reality TV” shows, YouTube videos, pictures on Facebook or Instagram showing the inside of purses and cars — heck, even looking into windows of my neighborhood as I’m driving by — I’m always curious.

Of course, there are a number of memes that encourage my penchant for voyeuristic activities:

  • What’s in my purse?
  • What’s in my backpack?
  • What’s in my pantry?
  • What’s in my mouth?
  • What’s in my backyard?

That all makes me sound totally kinda creepy, but I swear I’m not. Pinky promise. This should clear up any misunderstanding. And this.

So, what would someone see if they looked in our windows? We generally keep our shades closed, but if they were open, they’d see…

clothes on the floor and nothing on the walls.

Ha! You thought you were gonna get something juicy, didn’t you? That would be a tour of my purse. Wait, I’ve already said too much.

Anyway, we have laundry baskets but hardly ever use them and I haven’t hung up any pictures or art since we moved in a few months ago. What can I say? Inspiration for decorating continues to elude me. A few days ago, we put up curtains over the sliding glass back door so the neighbors don’t have to watch me walking around in my nightgown during breakfast. So, that’s a plus for all of us.

One room that doesn’t get a lot of love on my Facebook or Instagram is the office. It’s where my husband and I have our desks and it’s the first thing our guests see when they walk in to our home. The desks face each other with a wall of “boxes” and you’d think that would be more incentive to keep the area organized…WRONG-O, PEANUT BUTTER BREATH! One of these days, we’ll figure out what we want to do with ALL.OF.THE.PAPER…

Check out what’s on my desk today, it’s semi-normal and then gets pretty random as you look around. Notebooks, coffee, calendar, pens, books – OK, normal desk stuff. Earrings, hair ties, a dime, and…GUMBY? But I also have cashews! Want some?

Oh hey, while you’re here looking around, I wouldn’t recommend you look too much into my in-box (aka junk box). That sucker keeps getting more junk added to it and I keep saying I’m gonna go through it and file away or throw away all the papers…but I never do. It’s a monkey that never gets off my back.

What’s on your desk? Share a pic with me!

Desiree Townsend

Desiree is a Christ follower, wife and mom. #WakeUpAndLive