I’m not sure why, but even the most chipper person can have an off day for no apparent reason. Happiness is an elusive thing that occasionally plays peekaboo with us. When the clouds roll in and the doubts and fears appear, it actually makes me grumpier just knowing that I landed there, especially when I can’t put my finger on why I ran into a detour on the road to joy. It’s kind of like a flat tire on my mood- always a surprise and always a nuisance. 


My brother the photographer is exceptionally creative and highly perceptive. That’s why his photos are so intriguing. He sees things a little differently than others might and he finds a way to capture that in his images. He’s got a bit of the same jack rabbit brain that I have and lately he has become fascinated with time lapse photography. In this one that he shared with me, clouds zip across the heavens, occasionally blocking the sun. When shadows appear on my spirit, I need to think about how fleeting it is in reality and I must remind myself to stay in the place of knowing that “this too shall pass”.

I once heard a Jim Rohn quote I use a lot. “Learn how to turn frustration into fascination. You will learn more being fascinated by life than you will by being frustrated by it.”  (Jim was the first to tell you it doesn’t work 100% of the time but it’s always worth a try!)  When I focus on becoming fascinated by the shifts in my mood instead of frustrated by them, I find my way back into the sunshine a lot more quickly. We always have a choice. 

I went to sleep last night cranky and woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I knew that I would not have a productive day and I certainly would not be a blessing to anyone if I did not shift gears quickly. When I stumbled out of bed, I prayed that I could focus on all the good things in my life and shake the crud from my outlook. Grabbing my devotional, l began to look for words to affirm that prayer and here is what I read:  “Meet me in the early morning splendor…..In the stillness of this holy time with Me, I renew your strength and saturate you with Peace.”

In the next couple of hours as I intentionally focused on everything good in my life, I got an uplifting email from a positive friend, read a couple of inspiring quotes from two of my cherished Facebook friends and had a delightful breakfast with a wonderful young woman I had not seen in years. The sunshine was there all along even behind the grey clouds. When we focus on gratitude we find joy.

I was reminded once again of my personal favorite verse, my morning mantra, Psalm 118:24 – “This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” 

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Betty Streff

Betty Streff began her career as a customer service representative for a large corporation in Omaha. Four years later she found herself to be a farm wife in a small rural community with limited opportunities for women. After a humbling self assessment, she listed her assets as talents for sketching, sewing, and the natural ability to strike up conversations with complete strangers. Using these and her optimistic nature, she began stitching up some bibs and pillows for a craft show, who wouldn't? Over the next 25 years she became a serial entrepreneur obsessed with studying faith, spirituality, leadership, motivation, and management as she developed her businesses. Betty has spent the last few years working in corporate America in the hospitality and manufacturing world and she continues to immerse herself in the study of what makes people tick. The explosive growth in the relatively recent science of positive psychology fascinates her. Betty devours everything she can find on the subject and is especially intrigued with people who thrive no matter the circumstances and in discovering ways that happiness and optimism can be learned. She is currently exploring ways of sharing and cultivating the exciting possibilities with both individuals and businesses. She and her husband Steve have been married 45 years and are blessed with 2 incredible daughters, 2 fantastic sons-in-law and 6 amazing grandchildren.