I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been in desperate need of something—anything—to take my mind off what’s going on in the world right now and all the craziness that 2020 has continued to gift us with. Enter this hilarious prank courtesy of an amazing “sleep shirt” from Amazon that’s currently taking the internet by storm and had me literally snort-crying from laughter last night as I spent hours scrolling through reactions.

Here’s the gist: women are sending pictures or a link to the shirt—which, if we’re totally honest, resembles a dress more than an actual shirt—to their significant others along with a request like, “Hey honey, I’m thinking of getting us matching Christmas pajamas this year, what size do you want and what color do you like?”

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Then they screenshot the responses they get from their husbands and boyfriends and put them on social media so everyone can enjoy. Group share threads have popped up everywhere—sometimes with hundreds of comments—all sharing screenshots of their partners’ varying reactions.

And boy, do the guys have FEELINGS about this shirt.

The responses I’ve seen range from a polite, “Thank you, but I’ll pass,” to much, err, stronger expressions of refusal.

“Is that a man dress??!!!”

“That guy even looks like he regrets putting that on.”

“I’m opting out here.”

“No *insert expletive* way.”

Even persuasive attempts to convince them (“But it has a pocket!”) were met with resistance. One friend proposed attaching a cape, but was still shot down:

One of my favorite reactions was shared by Instagram influencer Dani Austin, who recently gave birth to her first child and posted her text exchange with her husband in her stories:

“I love you, I support you. I know your hormones are pretty fragile right now. But nah babe. I can’t do this one. Put it on hazel,” he responds (referring to one of their dogs).

When she insists she wants to wear matching sets, he says, “It looks like Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka.” 

The best part of all is that some guys are totally game, ESPECIALLY if it means they’re likely to get something out of it in return. Let’s just say there were plenty of winking emojis and, “Easy access!” comments in the mix as well.

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Ultimately, it’s probably safe to say that this shirt isn’t at the top of your guy’s Christmas wish list this year. And if you do decide to prank him with it, please remember to thank him for being a good sport and giving the rest of us a much-needed laugh.

Goodness knows we could use it after a year like this one.

And for those dudes who want to be extra comfy and cozy this winter, it’s worth noting that the shirt is now a “Best Seller” on Amazon and available for the low cost of $21.89 (for a size XL)!

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