Confession: I have never read Marie Kondo’s international bestseller about decluttering that was all the rage a few years ago. I probably should. 

Still, curiosity got the better of me after reading about the new Netflix original series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo all over the internet. So last night, I fished the remote out of the couch cushions and fired up the first episode after my husband and kids were finally asleep. 

Spoiler alert: there are a lot of subtitles, and Marie Kondo is adorable with glowing cheeks and smiling eyes that look suspiciously well-rested. And she knows her organizational stuff.

While it’s possible that, if you’re like every other mother I know in the throes of raising a busy family, Tidying Up might leave you feeling a strange mix of embarrassed, inspired, and ragey—it is bingeable TV. 

The show introduces us to everyday people like California couple Kevin and Rachel Friend, whose homes are cluttered and a little chaotic, but generally happy. 

Marie puts the families through a crash course of her Konmari method, instructing them to keep items that spark joy and throw the rest. By the end of each episode, we see a less cluttered home, a happier family, and a more organized life. 

It’s the kind of made-for-TV magic empires are built on (we’re looking at you, Chip and Jo) and Marie Kondo seems poised to grow her own thanks to the Netflix series.

And who knows? It might even inspire me to finally throw that sweatshirt (and at least a hundred other unnecessary items in my closet) I’ve had since high school . . . 

Carolyn Moore

Carolyn has served as Editor-in-Chief of Her View From Home since 2017. A long time ago, she worked in local TV news and fell in love with telling stories—something she feels grateful to help women do every day at HVFH. She lives in flyover country with her husband and four kids but is really meant to be by the ocean with a good book and a McDonald's fountain Coke.