My oldest is eight, and although he’s still little, his heart for others is so very big. 

If someone is sad, he’ll feel sad, too. Then he’ll try to make them laugh. 

If younger brother is having trouble with schoolwork, he’ll give hints to help him out.

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When I ask him to wash baby brother’s hands, he doesn’t complain. Instead, he makes sure the water isn’t too hot and finds him a stool. 

You see, he knows love is an action.

He’s watched his parents and grandparents rock and cuddle his younger siblings to calm them. He’s seen the value in doing what’s right and lending a hand

He cheers.

He high fives.

He prays. 

He knows we love God by loving each other. 

He’s beginning to understand he gets to set an example, too.

And I want him to know we notice it. And that he’s doing such a good job of it. 

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He’s stepping into the role of protector and helper, and he’s learning how good it feels to care about someone other than himself.

And here I am watching our first baby growing in wisdom and in stature just as we’ve always prayed he would. And it comforts me so much to see God’s good work in him. And to know his little brothers are watching him, too. 

And even though he’s still so young, I can’t think of many others who have a bigger heart than he does.

He’s such a blessing to our family, and I can’t brag on him enough.

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God is so good to prepare big siblings to model such a great big kind of love. 

Thank you for sharing such a great big love. 


Jaclyn Warren

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