The school year is drawing to a close. The temps are heating up. I able to keep my house just a little bit cleaner because of the amount of time the children are spending outside. These things can only add up to one thing… summer is just around the corner. 

Hooray! Summer. The time of year where we have no responsibilities. Every day is sun shiney. And every minute has 1990-something country and top 40 music playing as the soundtrack. 

Okay. That’s a lie. Summer is not perfect. The school year ending is, indeed, beautiful. But it also means that there will be some days where booze will be part of playdates {for the mamas}. And the hubs might, maybe, hear me say, “yay! it’s beer thirty!” the minute the tip of his toe steps in the door. Because while staying home in the summers is great, I have to be honest, for me — some days — it’s enough to warrant an adult bevi. 

But really, I also just happened to like a cold brew on a hot night. And we like to host fire pit nights and bounce house days and all that jazz. So a stocked fridge of purple stuff, Sunny D, and brews seems to be a quintessential piece of the summer season. 

So as you stock up with snacks, maybe snag a couple of these six packs, too.


10 Beers For The Summer Moms Will Love

10 Beers To Stock This Summer

  1. Empyrean Ales Burning Skye Scottish Ale – I love Empyrean as they are a Nebraska born brand. Brewed in Lincoln, there are several goodies to be found, but this Scottish has a year-round spot in our house.
  2. Evil Twin Hipster Ale – I’m not gonna lie, I picked this because of the can. And because it’s a Pale Ale which is usually an easy to drink brew for most palates. 
  3. Shiner White Wing Belgian White – I have been into Shiner for awhile, maybe it was the short-term life I lived in Texas. Regardless, I used to favor the Blonde but this White Wing has hints of orange and coriander which gives just the bit of girliness I search for in a beer.
  4. Pyramid Apricot Ale – Some friends recently brought this and in the dude’s words, “It’s fruity without being fruity” and fruity to me just means not hoppy. I mean, I know that fruity doesn’t REAALLLLLY mean “not hoppy” but to me, it signals DRINKABLE. And this one is fo sho.
  5. Cock’nBull Ginger Beer – If you’re confused by this one, it can fairly be included as it has “beer” in its name. Ginger beer, not actually alcoholic which I only learned during my first pregnancy, is a staple in our house for the copper cups. Because if you wanna sip on a Moscow Mule, ya gotta have ginger beer on hand. Oh, and limes, too.
  6. Not Your Father’s Root Beer – I think alcoholic root beers seemed to be hot n heavy as of last summer, at least in the Midwest, which means it could have been popular on the coasts as many as 4 years ago. I like having this around to offer guests. There’s some novelty to it if you haven’t popped the top on one. And I hear, it is actually delicious over ice cream.
  7. Kona Brewing Co. Koko Brown – This beer has hints of coconut and I can’t taste these hints BUT they are enough to turn the hubs off of it. I however, loooooove it. It’s delightful and goes down like I’m sitting, toes in the sand, looking at the surf.
  8. Goose Island Summer Ale – I like this Kolsch. Although I will say, it tastes less like a pale ale than an IPA. Norrrrrrrmallllly, I don’t dig IPA. I can’t say that enough. I get the weird bitter beer face and shake and pee a little after I steal a sip of the husby’s fave flaves. But this Kolsch is still in the fridge for it’s seasonal value and it’s drinkability.
  9. Stella Artois – Because it seems like everyone will drink Stella. Even people who don’t really seem to like beer. And it’s just a fancy Coors Light or Miller Light, right? Maybe? And it makes me want to say “STELLLLLLLLLLLA” every time I read the label.
  10. A & W Root Beer – Because I have kids, duh. And because root beer floats are darn delicious.

So, there’s your grocery list. You’re welcome. And of course, honorable mention goes to Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat and Summer Shandy. Because I think anyone who has a Girl Friday and likes beer is a fan. Cheers to summer break! May your children be angels and your beer be served in a frosty mug!

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