Guys, evenings are going to be busy in my house this week. This left me thinking the following:  

1. I actually need to pre-plan my meals.

2. I have to make something other than P B and J for my girls. (The husband too.)   

Since we’re running in different directions during supper time this week, I created a list of recipes (all from HVFH writers) that we’ll be eating each night. The best part? All of this food can be made for less than 50 bucks and prep time takes less that 30 minutes. Not bad! Each meal serves at least 2 hungry adults and a couple hungry little girls. I know you guys are busy too so hopefully this list will help!

Check out the easy printable version of each recipe (to print click on the pdf version below each image) or bring your phone with you to the store so you have all ingredients handy!

 shopping list copy

shopping list – print!


monday copy

monday – print! (original recipe found here)


tuesday copy

tuesday – print! (original recipe found here)


wednesday copy

wednesday – print! (original recipe found here)


thursday copy 

thursday – print! (original recipe found here)


friday copy

friday – print! (original recipe found here)

Leslie Means

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