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The rejection letter appeared in my inbox. My heart sunk.

I was baffled. I had applied to write online content for a company, and I failed their writing exam; my first book was published seven months prior. I would have to wait for their next call for writers, which could be months. I had already experienced a form of success with my writing, yet I failed.

I found another company-one that required a sample of my writing rather than an exam-applied, and was accepted. I wrote—3,000 words or more a day. My book was roughly 65,000 words. At that rate, I could’ve written another book in under a month. I didn’t know I had that kind of capacity.

My writing was torn apart by this company’s editors, but it improved—significantly—until I received little feedback and minor revisions. Six months later, the company I’d previously applied for put out another call for writers. I took the exam again and passed it. I was welcomed to the team. My writing is currently being torn apart—again—but it’s improving. Now, I’m not only writing for one company, but for two.

Here are five things I’m learning about failure that you need to understand, too:

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Holly Mthethwa

Holly Mthethwa is the author of the Christian memoir "Hot Chocolate in June: A True Story of Loss, Love, and Restoration." She hails from the small, Midwestern town of Cozad, Nebraska, but currently resides just outside of Washington, D.C., where she lives an adventure with her husband and daugther. Holly writes regularly about faith, family, and the moments that fish-hook her heart at www.ruggedandredeemed.com.