I was betrayed badly recently by a friend, the kind of betrayal that leaves a deep mark. The one that makes you question the trust you put in people. How close you let your soul get to theirs. Months later, my brain still is trying to dissect how someone could do that.

A friend turning on you can hurt worse than a bad breakup. How could I have been such a fool and not see their true colors? Et tu Brute? repeated in my head. It has not happened in years. Since high school if I am being honest. But I suppose I was surrounding myself with the right people until recently.

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As I navigated this friendship heartbreak I looked at my young daughters. So full of innocence, not yet knowing how cruel females can be. Not knowing what’s coming down the road. That everyone really isn’t your friend with the best intentions. I wondered about how I will be there for them when it happens. How intently I’ll listen while their hearts break and my shatters along beside them. The tears they’ll let fall and the ones I would hold back. I will explain that not everyone is loyal. Most people are loyal to their own needs. Once they see you are of no use, they’ll drop you.

Out of everything I say, I’ll make sure they understand this the most: God sends you people. People to help you walk this earth. The ones who bring peace to your universe. He sends hands to hold you through the worst of times. Laughter to share and fill the air. He brings honest humans. Ones who can gently guide you if you are off course. These are the relationships that come easily.

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People who do not gossip. They do not fill conversations with negative words. They listen intently to your struggles. Cheer for your triumphs. Help you raise your children. The kind of people you leave from and your cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. Ones who fill your cup instead of drink from it.

Sometimes in life, we mistake people as God-given. It’s going to hurt when we are wrong. But just because we mistook one person does not mean we turn our backs on the real ones. Because these people are God’s way of showing us His love. Love that’s easy, peaceful, encouraging, forgiving, and above all beautiful.

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Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy resides in New York. She and her husband have two children, one living and one angel. She is a senior studying English at SUNY Old Westbury. She hopes, through writing, she is able to help her fellow mamas smile and find hope.

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