Dear mama,

As we all know, motherhood is such an incredibly vulnerable time of life. Emotions tend to run high. I have found that when I am experiencing strong emotions, I tend to either bring them to God or, if the emotions are negative, I may try to hide them from Him. There have been times in my life where I felt as though my emotions were too strong and that God couldn’t handle them. Maybe you’ve felt this, too. But mama, this is not how God works.

Dear tired mama, God can handle your weariness. God sees you as a wake up before the sunrise in order to get breakfast made, kids dressed, lunches packed and the family out the door. God sees you as you run around all day multitasking, because that’s the only way a mother can get everything done. He sees you as you give your child a snack, while paying bills and scheduling a doctor’s appointment. He is with you as you start dinner, pick up toys, give baths, and tuck sweet children into bed. He knows when you just want to sleep but you stay awake to get some chores done or to spend time with your spouse. God sees your fatigue mama, and He is near.

Dear fearful mama, God can handle your anxiety. God knows when your heart is racing, there are so many things on your schedule and it all feels like too much. He sees you when there are changes in your life and you are scared because you don’t know what is going to happen. He knows what the future holds. He is carrying you through. He is with you when that tragedy hits, and you fall apart. He knows pain; He’s felt it, too. He is holding onto you.

Dear aggravated mama, God can handle your frustration. God sees you as your kids misbehave for the millionth time and you scold them just a little too sternly. He’s not taking notes. He isn’t condemning you. He also sees you as you handle your child’s disobedience with love and grace. And He smiles. He knows all about the individual who irritates you. He put you in that person’s life. He knows you feel bothered. You can give Him those feelings, mama; He won’t hold it over you. He is with you when you feel like you are going to burst and you can’t handle another problem in your life but they still keep coming. He is there to give you peace that passes all understanding.

Dear joyful mama, God can handle your exuberance. He sees you as you walk through an exhilarating time, maybe the birth of a child or a promotion at work. He is watching as you find a new ministry or hobby and your excitement grows. He sees you and He smiles. He created you; He gave you that passion.

Mama, whether you are walking through difficult or wonderful circumstances, God sees you. He is with you. He knows what you are feeling even before you do. He is not offended by your emotions—He created them.

There is no feeling too intense for our Father. He is ready to listen, mama, just bring your heart to Him. Give Him your tiredness. Tell him you are anxious. Share that you are frustrated. And praise Him when you are joyful. He is with you through all of these emotions, so give them to Him.

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Christiana Whallon

I am a wife and a stay at home mommy to three beautiful children, two on earth and one in Heaven. I love traveling, cooking, and being in nature. You can read more about our daughter, Jaylee Hope, and help us celebrate her memory at