So we meet again, New Year!

With the launch of a new year comes the best of intentions and sincere resolutions to improve things in your life, be a better person, or live healthier. I think you can relate when I say that those good intentions usually end in disappointment. In hindsight, the innocent goals for the year were doomed from the beginning—we set ourselves up for failure from the start.

This time around I have a fresh strategy to kick the New Year off in the right direction and I invite you to join me in my efforts to have the most stellar year to date!

Déjà vu will not happen to me this year. No more setting the same old goals that I set last year and the year before. No more frustration and failure by the end of January. I REFUSE! What’s my bright idea you ask? Let’s stop making resolutions. Let’s assess our dreams and ambitions and set goals that are in line with the lives we want to live!

There is a method behind this madness, I promise. Let’s start with the mere definitions of resolutions and goals and I think you will see where I am coming from.

RESOLUTION: the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc.: the process of resolving
GOAL: aim: something that somebody wants to achieve

Do you see my point? Goals are about what you want to create and achieve in your lifetime. They encourage and empower you as you dream and take action. Resolutions are created from a place of fixing what we believe is wrong with us. If you start your year off focusing on the negatives, how easy is it to finish on a positive?

What I am doing this time around is adding a theme to my year, something I can focus on year round and work towards each and every day. I invite you to do the same—choose just one word or a theme to help guide you through the year!

What do you have to lose by trying? It can’t be much worse that the last 5 years, right!? Let’s start by thinking about what we want our year to be about? Let’s focus on how we want to feel or what we want to accomplish this year instead of what we want to fix about ourselves. What a powerful concept—start the New Year off with loads of positive energies! Haven’t you heard the quote, “To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy”? It is time to listen to your body and soul. Who do you want to be, what does your ideal life look like, what do you want to achieve, what are you dreams, how do you want to feel, what do you want to experience, what are your ambitions?

Go ahead and choose a theme that fits your vision!

Here are some that I thought of right away that would fit for me personally:

  • Flow
  • New Beginnings
  • Finding Your Passion
  • Balance and Health
  • Focus
  • Fulfillment
  • Mindfulness
  • Progress
  • Commitment
  • Light

The theme that we each choose is what will guide us through the year! Don’t forget about it either! Post sticky notes on your mirror, in your car, at the office, etc. Those feel good notes with your theme will remind us of what we are working towards this year. Create goals from the theme. What can I do to integrate “Balance and Health” into my life? Forget about those pesky resolutions that remind you of the negatives, set new goals that you can look forward to and makes you feel good just thinking about them. Start your year out on a positive note and live your year with more energy, happiness, gratitude, optimism and success!

Gratitude & Abundance

Okay, so it only took me 2 weeks to set in stone what my theme will be for 2015, no big deal. Do you want to know what I chose?! *Fair warning, I am kind of unique…others use the word “strange.” It is what it is. I am spiritual (not necessary in terms of religion specifically), I am always looking to grow both on a personal and spiritual level and I try my best to only surround myself with positive energies.* With that note, I want to share what I have chosen to guide me through the year. My 2015 theme is ABUNDANCE! I am going to make a conscious effort to integrate abundance into 2015. My reminders are up and my mindset is in the right place. I am willing to work toward abundance in all areas of my life, both personally and professionally. Abundance of time—work on my time management skills! (That is going to take some serious self-management and commitment.) Abundance of health—hit the gym more often and eat cleaner. Abundance of balance—find stability between being a wife and pursuing multiple career paths. Abundance of love and happiness—focus on surrounding myself the people and things that life me up. Abundance of success—work smarter, not harder and the possibilities will be endless.

Let’s stop ditch those redundant resolutions. Visit the depths of your soul and discovery the dreams and ambitions that make you YOU! Stop focusing on what’s wrong with you and start focusing on what is right! Create a life you love!

Are you in? What will your theme for 2015 be?

Please comment below to share and inspire us all! (Don’t worry, your email won’t be public and you can even make up a name if you want! )Create a life you love!

Jacey Edson

Jacey is one of the most fun-loving, energetic and positive people you may ever meet! She lives every day to its fullest and continuously looks for ways to become a better human being. She has a passion for inspiring other women (and men) to practice self-love, compassion and gratitude while connecting them with like-minded individuals. Her passion intertwines with that of Her View from Home—to connect your view with the rest of the world—which is why she gravitated toward the lifestyle blog and eventual joined the HVFH team as the VP of Marketing. She is married to a great man who supports her and all she pursues. Together they own a cat, Luna, who you may hear about from time to time; they have no children as of now, maybe in the future!