Letting go.

It hurts.

It’s hard.

The tears burn.

The idea of loosening your grip stings,

but you do it anyway because you know you have to.

You allow your hands to open slowly and then you do it.

You let go.

There is pain in the release,

but there is also joy.

Joy in knowing what is coming.

Joy in knowing that if God called you to release something,

even something that He has previously blessed you with,

it’s because something greater is coming.

Something else is waiting for you.

And while it’s never easy to do,

acknowledging that your hands have formed tight little fists

around ideas, people or possessions

is the first step in letting something go.

One can’t loosen his or her grip on something

if the grip is unrealized.

And as soon as we extend our fingers

and open our hands

we are letting it be known that we are ready.

Ready to be filled.

Ready to move forward.

Ready to claim our futures,

futures that are blazing with promise

because our hands are open

and we are ready.

Our hands are no longer balled into little fists

because we know fists can’t be filled.

Our hands are empty

but we don’t look at the empty space with sorrow,

we look at our empty hands with joy and expectation,

knowing that here,

in this exact moment,

is precisely when God will fill us.

A new year is upon us

and we are in the perfect place

to enter this time with fresh outlooks.

Renew your heart by focusing on how you can love deeper.

Renew your mind by focusing on what truly matters.

Renew your soul by taking inventory of life’s blessings.

Open your hands.

Open your heart.

Open your mind.

Leave the past behind you

and start anew

because the best is yet to come.

letting go
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Judy Terrell

Judy was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and currently lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, son and twin girls.