It was perched perfectly on your cheek, and I couldn’t help myself. How do you leave a fallen eyelash and not make a wish? You certainly can’t just brush it away. And so I made a wish.

You were sleeping again, snuggled in my arms on the couch. The day progressed on but you were content to sleep through it. How could you not, my baby? 

I felt like a thief. I stole your wish. But my love, you are not yet old enough to understand the power of a wish.

And so I took it and made this wish for you. 

I wished for EVERYTHING. It was the easiest way to spend this wish.

I wished for safety, that you’re always secure and protected from harm. 

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I wished for health, that you’re nourished with good food and your life is long. I wished against injury and illness but wished for strength and vitality. 

I wished for intelligence, and I don’t necessarily mean high grades. School is important, but being life smart can take you so much farther in your life if you know how to use it.  

I wished for grit because this life is tough.

You will face challenges, hardships, and tribulations. I hope you understand this and plow through on difficult days knowing the sun will shine again if you move the clouds out of the way.

I wished for love. Love for other people, especially that lifelong love. Love for animals. Love for nature. Love for your hobbies. Love for your career. Most importantly, I wish you love for yourself.

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I wished for gratefulness and that you take nothing for granted, as your whole life can be turned on its head in an instant. I hope you take that appreciation and help others so they can be thankful too.

I wished for creativity so you know this life has no boundaries. Many of the greatest people think outside of the box, and I want you to know there is always going to be a path to your dreams if you are creative enough to carve that route.

I wished for comfort, that you are warm on cold days and cool on hot days. I wish you no unbearable pain. If you do experience pain, I pray it is a pain from the strain of accomplishment.

I wished for one best friend so you always have someone you feel comfortable telling everything to.

Your best friend can be a parent, sibling, pet, spouse, or simply another individual in this world. 

I wished for optimism, for this world has way too many pessimists. When one door closes, take that as a sign that a better door will open. Work to find that unlocked door.

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And I wished for happiness because there is nothing greater you can have in this life than to live each day content. 

So forgive me, tiny friend, that I stole your wish. 

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Lindsay Neadow

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