Seasons change and friendships evolve and change as well. What I looked for and need in a friend is different now than a decade ago. What I can offer to a friend is different, too. 

I need a friend who understands that sometimes I will carry their burdens, and other times I will need them to carry mine.

I need a friend content with backyard sitting, screaming kids, and water gun fights at a moment’s notice.

I need someone to be OK with messy buns and workout shorts on a daily basis.

I need a friend to love my kids when they’re lovable, and even more so when they are not lovable. The kind who would scoop up my crying baby and comfort him the way I would.

I need someone to listen to my unspoken words and know me well enough to know I will rarely ask for help but that I will often need it.

I need a friend to offer grace when I’m exhausted or overwhelmed or hormonal.

I need a friend who isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m wrong, but does so in private and with grace. 

What I can offer is a listening ear, and a deep desire to help my friends.

There will always be an open invitation at my dinner table or a spot on my couch, day or night.

I will insist that you’re never alone when you’re sad.

I will help solve the problems of your world as if they were my own.

I will be your most loyal supporter, the cheerleader of your dreams, and your strength when you can’t find yours.

I can promise to answer the phone at 4 a.m. with, only four words: “I’m on my way.”

I can promise you won’t have to ask me to show up during hard times—that I just will. Even when you tell me not to.

I will be careful with your heart, but also offer tough love when you need it.

I will provide a laugh to lighten the darkest day.

I can promise that your kids will always have an open invitation in my home, on my lap, and in my arms. 

Some friends have weathered the seasons of life along with me. They have evolved and changed alongside me. The world has chipped away at me, leaving behind a core group of friends who pour into me and my family, as much as I love pouring into them and theirs.

I want to spend my time with the drop everything, “I’m coming” kind of friend—because life is too short for any other kind. 

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Michelle Tate

A native Texan, born and raised, I married my college sweetheart, and now spend my days raising our three young boys. In another life, I was an elementary school teacher, before diving deep in my true passion for my own babies and writing. My new children’s book, “Be” encourages kids to be the best versions of themselves while being accepting and kind to everyone they meet. Follow me on Facebook at Raising Humble Humans