Jodie, Jocelyn, Lisa, Liz . . . 

These are a few names of some of my best friends. I would take a bullet for these women. I would drink the punch first to test for poison. I would skyrocket off a cliff in a Mustang with these people. 

They are my tribe.

They are my people. 

I’ve also never met them. 

I know these women online, mostly through Facebook but also through my blog. And it’s real, and it’s so good, and it’s more genuine than many could possibly understand. 
I know that sounds strange. When I write it out, it’s even hard to describe, which is how I know people are going to read it and think, “Yea right,” or, “WEIRD.” And I would think the same thing if it wasn’t my own experience. 

But the gift social media has brought me is a connection to other women who get me.

These women read my words and connect with me on a level deeper than I ever reached with my clique in college.

We cut through the bull. We connect straight from the heart. We speak the same language without the geographic, cultural or age limitations where friendships used to be solidified. 
The truth is the online platform has opened up the friendship channel much as dating sites have opened up our opportunities to broaden our search.
We aren’t limited to the bar scene anymore. A whole world has opened up. 
And I’m grateful. I’m so grateful. Because these women? I never would have met them otherwise. They live all over and they do different things and they’re all different ages and experiences. But they are my people
This is something to celebrate.

People are upset that social media is limiting our relationships, but I beg to differ. 

And Jodie, Jocelyn, Lisa and Liz? 
I think they would, too. 
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