Instead of waiting for an amazing friend to come into your life, go and be an amazing friend to someone else.

Instead of waiting for someone to show up for you, go show up for someone else. Bring a meal to someone who just had surgery. Send flowers to a person who could use some encouragement. Be the kind of friend you want to have.

Instead of waiting for the kindness of strangers, give kindness to strangers. Buy the person’s coffee behind you, pay for someone’s groceries, offer to hold a baby for a frazzled mom trying to leave the park.

Instead of waiting to be invited to the party, start your own party even if it’s just a party of two.

Instead of assuming everyone already has friends, assume that no one does because you never know. Be the one to initiate getting together.

Instead of waiting for someone to introduce themselves, be the one introduce yourself. Take a deep breath and dive right in. Ignore the awkward and do it anyway.

Instead of waiting for an invitation to hang out, invite someone to coffee, for a playdate at the park, or to come over with the kids and order pizza.

Instead of waiting to see if people will show up for you, show up for people. Be the first one to volunteer to help move, be the one to offer to host a baby shower, be the one to start a meal train.

Instead of hoping people aren’t judging you, be intentional about never judging anyone. Chose to believe with your whole heart that everyone is doing the best they can.

Instead of waiting for someone to text and check in on you, be the texter. Be the one who remembers birthdays, and remembers new job interviews. Be the one who is intentional about keeping in touch.

Listen, generosity is contagious and it’s never in vain. We are a disconnected society steeped in loneliness, but we can be the change. If all of us chose to be the friend we’re longing to have, I promise it will make a difference.

Sister, I am with you is a mission for all of us. Together, I just think we might change everything.

Originally published on Sister, I am with you.

Jessica Johnston

Jessica Johnston is a writer and mom of four kids. She is an avid coffee drinker, risk taker, and TMI sharer. She is a firm believer in keeping it real and believes our imperfections bring us together. She writes at You can follow her there, on Facebook, and on Instagram.