You still call me beautiful.

I think you’ve told me this nearly every day for the past 12 years. That’s over 4,000 times. Yet more often than not, I still don’t believe it.

How do you still call me beautiful?

When I haven’t showered and I’m wearing the same outfit that I wore yesterday, and perhaps even the day before? 

You tell me I’m beautiful when I wake up in the morning. Even when I’ve forgotten once again to take my makeup off and my mascara is smudging around my eyes. Even when my leggings have rips in them and paint marks from that one time we painted the house.

How do you still call me beautiful?

You tell me I’m beautiful when we’re getting ready to go somewhere. I usually roll my eyes at you, and you insist I look nice. I ask you which outfit looks better and you tell me they all look nice. I usually mumble something about that not being very helpful.

How do you still call me beautiful?

You tell me I’m beautiful as we head out the door to church. That one time each week where I actually dress nicely, in those two outfits I cycle through. You see the discarded outfits in a heap on the floor, and sometimes, the tears brimming as I tell you I have nothing to wear.

How do you still call me beautiful?

I can quite honestly say most days I feel far from beautiful. Most days are consumed with the needs of little people. So much time is spent changing diapers, fetching snacks and doing laundry that beautiful doesn’t even come into the equation. Or when I do try to make an effort, I’m reminded how my body has changed as I awkwardly tug at my clothes that don’t quite sit as nicely as they once did.

But you, dear husband? You still call me beautiful.

I heard you telling our girls how beautiful their mama is. You didn’t even know I was nearby. I just happened to be walking down the hallway and overheard. That one really got me.

I mostly roll my eyes, and often don’t believe it, but I am thankful.

I’m thankful you are teaching our girls how they can expect to be treated by their future husbands.

I’m thankful you are making an effort, after all these years.

I’m thankful you are making me a priority, even when I don’t make it easy for you.

I’m thankful you still see the beauty through the brokenness. 

I’m thankful you see the beauty underneath. That even when I’m a mess on the outside, you still call me beautiful because you know who I am on the inside. 

After all these years, after all that life has thrown at us, I’m so thankful.

I’m thankful you still call me beautiful one. 

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Sina Steele

Sina is a wife, mom and creative from New Zealand. Along with raising her daughters, she enjoys working from home in social media, design and writing. She serves alongside her husband at a Christian missions-training college in New Zealand. She loves encouraging women to step out in faith, and you can find her writing ministry over at Her Mustard Faith.