4 years ago. 4. Many would consider age 4 to be very young, but on the edge of excitement. Most 4-year-olds are preparing for the big leagues. School. New opportunities. New discoveries. Scary things. Happy things. And maybe, most importantly, new friendships.

We think of age 4 in a similar fashion. We’re still a young website, only 4 years live. But in the world of the internet, 4 isn’t actually all that young. Most large organizations have only been “live” for 10 years. We’d like to think we’re right there too.

When we started this piece of internet world, we thought we knew it all. Truly. We quickly learned, however, that owning a small online business is a very difficult task. Some fell along the way. We lost business partners and for a moment in 2014, we thought seriously about closing the entire site.

And then… then YOU found us. You shared, and liked and commented and encouraged women from across the globe to share their views with the world. You formed a safe place for us all to form friendships and discover a braveness we didn’t know we had. Judgement doesn’t exist in your eyes. You read views from women across this land and thought, “Yeah. I get that. I’ve been there. I understand her.”

Do you know how rare that is? I do. I know it. And I thank God for this opportunity and for you fine folks often and always.

Today we celebrate age 4. We think this is only the beginning. Thanks for being with us on this journey.

Below you’ll find a video that represents what #herviewis. This is our writing team – but not all of them. Actually, not even half. These ladies (and the women not pictured) represent the essence of what #herviewis.

From my view to yours, thank you. I love you guys. In a non creepy, “really she loves us?” sort of way. You’re like family to me. My virtual family. What a gift.


Leslie Means

Leslie is the founder and owner of Her View From Home.com. She is also a former news anchor, published children’s book author, weekly columnist, and has several published short stories as well. She is married to a very patient man. Together they have three fantastic kids.  When she’s not sharing too much personal information online and in the newspaper – you’ll find Leslie somewhere in Nebraska hanging out with family and friends. There’s also a 75% chance at any given time, you’ll spot her in the aisles at Target.