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Regular, everyday life has its ups and downs, as everyone knows. Having children is the most wonderful part of life and I would never change it for the world. However, there is a great deal of stress that comes along with raising children. Life is just so much sweeter when you have a friend or friends who love your children.

When you have a child, there is nothing more amazing or more beautiful.

The connection and love are overwhelming between a parent and child. Having children is the best thing that I have ever done in my life. Watching them grow and learn is amazing.

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With children comes some stress, as well. I am a stay-at-home mom and find myself so lucky and grateful to be able to support and guide them. However, that means that I get very little time alone. I am their go-to for everything, I keep track of appointments, plan healthy meals, grocery shop, transport them wherever they need to be, provide chores, help with homework, etc. You get the gist! Days are hectic. Some days are long. Some days I do not feel like the mom I strive to be.

Then, my friend reaches out to get together with the children, and life doesn’t feel so hard.

There is something to look forward to.

When you have a friend who loves your children, you know that you can leave your children with them and not have to worry. You know that friend will give as much love and care as you would. You know that friend will be creating memories with your children that will last a lifetime.

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Your friend will be instilling their values and also giving them a break from mom for a bit. I also do the same for her. I am able to be there to spend time with her children, give her a break when it’s needed, and to watch her children grow.

We help each other navigate this difficult and rewarding job of parenting.

When I think of my friend, my heart fills with love and warmth. I could not have asked for a better friend. I could not trust my children with anyone as much as I do with her.

She loves all three of my children equally and really takes the time to nurture the relationship with each of my children. I’m not sure what I would do without her. Days with her are always brighter.

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I am a stay-at-home mom with a passion for reading and writing. I enjoy writing about life experiences. When I'm not reading and writing, I love to hike and be out in nature.

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