I’ve never been to the White House. I don’t know what color the carpet is in the second-floor hallway, and I’ve never been taken on a tour of the president’s living quarters. I haven’t seen the four-poster beds, the meeting tables, or the window treatments with my own eyes.

As I understand, presidents are allowed to redecorate upon inauguration. They can choose from the antique collections and storehouses filled with the purchases of presidents past. New carpets and rugs are uniquely woven for the men in power.

I have no idea what type of chair sits behind the desk in the Oval Office. What style of seat holds one of the most powerful and influential men in the world? I am unsure. 

What style of chair will President-Elect Donald Trump choose for his workspace? Will it be real leather or a hypo-allergenic alternative? Will it recline or maintain a straight back? Will it roll or offer massages?

I have no idea what chair Donald Trump will choose. This decorating decision may seem rather inconsequential; I suppose it could tell us of his preferences – Are his tastes expensive? Does he esteem animal life? Does he respect the history of antiques? 

But none of this tells us much of his values. 

I do know of one chair that paints a vivid picture. It is much more exquisite and ornate than anything Mr. President could select; it tells us more of the values of he who sits on it than a leather seat from any high-end retailer. 

That chair is the Throne of Heaven. 

Throughout scripture, we are given visual descriptions of what God’s throne looks like. As impossible as it is to comprehend, we learn his throne is surrounded by a rainbow with the appearance of an emerald [Revelation 4:3]. From this seat come flashes of lightning and rumblings of thunder [Revelation 4:5]. 

You can’t buy that at your local office store.

What’s even more telling than any office chair’s catalog description are the attributes listed for God’s throne:

His throne is for justice. [Psalm 9:7]

Righteousness and justice are its foundation. [Psalm 89:14]

The throne of Heaven lasts through all generations. [Lamentations 5:19]

It will remain forever and ever. [Psalm 45:6]

From the throne flows life. [Revelation 22:1]

I don’t care how much money Trump’s interior decorating team decides to spend on his office chair; it will never be constructed on a wholly righteous or just foundation. He, like every single president before him, is but a sinful man. His ruling and leading are and always will be imperfect.

Many have either anticipation and excitement or fears and reservations about the next four to eight years, but everyone needs to remember Donald Trump sits upon a measly office chair as he leads. 

My God sits upon a throne that lasts through my generation and my children’s generations. His rule and his power will remain forever.

Fears and reservations diminish as we remember God’s ruling seat of justice. Anticipation and excitement in man are subdued as God’s righteousness overcomes us. His existence and power do not diminish from generation to generation. From him and his authority flow life. 

No president’s chair can do all of that. No matter our opinions, reservations, or fears for the next few years, God still sits upon his throne. As did George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Barack Obama, President-elect Donald J. Trump just sits upon an office chair. 

Ginger Newingham

Married a country boy. Adopted some kids. Birthed another. Took too many pictures. Learned to love scripture and coffee. Inherited a farmhouse. Journaled and hand-lettered a bunch of stuff. Became a missionary. Read, a lot. Served the whole family vegetables, but most certainly ate them all. Wished for a nap. Ginger Newingham writes and over-shares at http://www.ourmomentsdefined.com/