Hey hun! I MISS YOU! I keep meaning to text and check in, but man it’s crazy with the kids. When can we hang? How’s Katie doing? How are YOU?

*Two days pass*

Hey hey! I miss you TOO! It’s nuts over here. We just got back in town from Florida and I’m trying to get this house in order. My girl is NOT helping things along. LOL. Marching band is taking up her time and of course there’s always her social life. 😉 Let’s try and figure out a day/time for us to catch up, okay? How are you holding up?

*Five days pass*

Oh do I get it! My house is a disaster. I don’t even know where to begin. I told my kids they need to do a FULL sweep through of their bedrooms by Friday. Will see if that happens. There will be a hefty ransom fee for their stuff if it’s not done. I will take it ALL. *Mwahahaha*

*One week passes*

Did we ever look at dates? OMG we are pathetic! Cade started soccer season, cross country, and flag football and Cass started swim season which means practices 6 days a week. It’s getting a bit crazy over here. What say YOU? Let me know what days/times you might be free? I can see what hubs can cover so I can hang out!

*Three minutes later*

OMG we ARE pathetic! Yeah- I got blindsided with work and totally forgot to text you back. SORRY! Okay, so how is this Wed or the following Tuesday for you? Are you open either of those nights to meet for dinner?

*One day later*

ACK! Wednesday can’t work because I have to take Cade in for a physical (Thank God they have later hours) and then youth group and somehow get Cass to practice and back. Hubs has class so no help from him! Tuesday might work though! Let me double check the calendar when I get home. Sitting in the parking lot waiting on a kid now…

*Two days later*

I just realized I never got back to you about Thursday night! I think I can pull it off, if I drop off kid #1 at soccer and kid #2 at work. I’ll ask hubs to pick them both up. Are you still free?

*1 hour later*

YES! Meet at Brio at 6:00?

*Five minutes later*


*Monday morning*

Warning, my girl isn’t feeling great. She better not be coming down with something! Let’s plan on it- and hope she doesn’t end up home sick!

*10 minutes later*

Gah! I hope she’s okay! Keep me posted…

*Tuesday morning*

AND… I think she has strep. Mother of LOVE!! Getting off work to take her to doc. UGH… Back to the calendar. Let me know when your next free night is. Any weekends open? We WILL get together this year, right? LOL

*Two hours later*

OH NO! I’m so sorry!! I hope she feels better and FAST. Well, let me get back to you on that. I know we have soccer tournaments almost every weekend this month. Oy. Will check the soccer schedule as soon as I get home. Hang in there mama!

*Two weeks later*

OMG I totally forgot to get back to you! How is Katie? I’m guessing she is better now? I’m so sorry I didn’t check in sooner! We are crazy over here. I swear, it’s maddening. How are you doing? Let me know if there’s any open nights for you to hang! Our schedule IS booked with soccer tournaments on the weekends, darnit. I’ll see if I can cover rides etc on whatever day during the week you are free! IF there is a day? LOL

*One day later*

I kept meaning to check in with you too! When are we going to pull this off is beyond me! I swear it will be a miracle if we ever do! I checked my calendar, and I’m now looking into next month. Can you believe? Between marching band competitions and appointments and family coming in town, it’s BOOKED solid until then. So… Whatcha got free next month? 😉

*Two weeks later*

It will be a miracle INDEED. Such is life, right? How about the 3rd? Is that a possibility? (Please say yes please say yes…)

*One hour later*

YES YES YES YES!! I can’t believe it! Are we actually going to SEE EACH OTHER? IT’S A MIRACLE!! What time is good for you? Our favorite place? I am craving some of that pasta.

*Minutes later*

Wait. Seriously? I mean, it’s actually happening? OMG IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! Okay- so pray for healthy kids, no broken bones or mishaps until the 3rd!! And heck YES. PASTA BABY!! 6:00 good?

*10 seconds later*

YES…… And totally praying. God will part the sea and we shall walk through it to a large glass of wine and bowl of pasta!! lol

*Morning of the 3rd*

We still good for 6:00? I can’t WAIT! I SO need this.

*Two hours later*

I think so! I just have to make sure Cade is ready to go to soccer so hubs can take him right when he gets home from work! I NEED THIS TOO!

*5:00pm on the 3rd.*

Can we back it up to 6:30? Hubs is now working late and I have to take Cade to soccer! ARG!


Sure! I was running late anyway. Still at work! Grr…


Hey I’m stuck in traffic. GOD HELP ME! Looks like now I’m the one backing things up! Make it 7:00. SORRY!




Are you here?


FINALLY. Walking in now!!

Christine Carter

Christine Carter writes at TheMomCafe.com, where she hopes to encourage mothers everywhere through her humor, inspiration, and faith. Her work is published on several various online publications and she is the author of "Help and Hope While You're Healing: A woman's guide toward wellness while recovering from injury, surgery, or illness." and “Follow Jesus: A Christian Teen’s Guide to Navigating the Online World.” Both books sold on Amazon.