I always like to use the start of a new season as an opportunity to set new goals and review goals I set earlier in the year. 

Spring is probably my favorite time of year to make change because this is a season all about regeneration, renewal and new beginnings.

Because spring is all about renewal, it’s the perfect season to cleanse – cleanse your home of clutter and junk that doesn’t serve you, cleanse your body of food that doesn’t make you feel energized and vibrant, cleanse your social media feeds of negativity, cleanse relationships that aren’t supportive and full of light.

But let’s start with our diets. We tend to eat heavier, comfort foods during the cold winter months. Now is the time to start incorporating more fresh produce into our diets. 

Green vegetables are the most commonly missing food in most of our diets. But greens help promote blood purification, improve circulation, strengthen the immune system, promote healthy digestion, clear congestion in the lungs, detox the liver and balance the pH level in the body.

Also, when we add more greens to our diets, we naturally crowd out foods that don’t serve our bodies in a positive way.

So how do you add more greens to your diet? Here are a few simple tips…

  • Start your day with greens. Try adding a green vegetable to your breakfast. Make an omelet with spinach or kale, add spinach and avocado to your morning smoothie or drink a green juice. If juicing doesn’t work for you, try a powdered greens blend that you add to water. Check out my favorite greens here.
  • Make salads more satisfying. Give your salad some staying power by adding a whole grain like quinoa or brown rice, roasted vegetables like Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes or beets, a protein like chicken or tofu and a fat like avocado or nuts to 2 cups of organic mixed greens. A salad like this will be filling and flavorful!
  • Eat your greens first. During dinner, eat a salad or roasted or grilled green vegetables before eating your grains and protein. Many times, we leave our veggies on our plate until the end of our meal and they end up getting tossed.

Make these super simple tweaks this spring, and your body will thank you!

How will you add more greens to you diet this spring?

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Sara Giboney

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