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To my children . . .

There is something so special about a brother-sister bond. It is one of the most unique, complex, and beautiful relationships. You don’t roughhouse as much as brothers. You don’t bicker as much as sisters. You both are somewhere in between.

I hope you always stay as close as you are.

I hope you always stick up for one another. I hope you always hug each other tightly and pray for one another before bed.

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A sister teaches her brother how to be empathetic, caring, and loving. A brother teaches his sister how to defend herself and that being silly and messy is fun. They both teach each other how to get along with the opposite sex and that compromising is OK.

I hope you always keep your inside jokes and funny handshakes.

I hope you continue to teach each other new interests. I hope you always have each other’s back. Even when you reach those tough teenage years. Even when you each start going on dates. Even when you both go off to college and have different groups of friends.

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I hope your significant others get along. I hope one day your kids grow up together. I hope you remain built-in best friends for life.

Because you see, a brother-sister friendship is truly an exceptional blessing.

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Rachael Ramas

Rachael is a writer and chief encouragement officer to her fam of four. She is a Jesus lover, baby hugger and schedule juggler. As a midwestern girl living in a South Florida world, she enjoys transcribing her time raising her fournager daughter and wild man one year old. She doesn’t take herself too seriously but does her kids bedtime.

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