I love happy stories. Stories filled with kindness and cheerful endings. If you are from the Midwest, you know that we take great pride in community. We love lifting others in times of sadness.

Myron Brand from Fremont, Nebraska was buried last Friday. His funeral, held in Hooper, Nebraska was not a normal funeral scene. You see, Myron loved ice cream. He would eat it by the bowl and especially loved Dairy Queen’s Malts. When Myron’s son-in-law, the pastor at his funeral, called the local Dairy Queen to ask how much 125 Malts would be, the Dairy Queen employees knew right away it was for Myron’s funeral.

Everyone in town knew of Myron’s love for ice cream, so Dairy Queen took it upon themselves to deliver 125 Malts to Myron’s funeral, free of charge. I’m sure there were lots of tears shed, but everyone had a little piece of Myron with them as they enjoyed their ice cream and heard kind words spoken about a man they dearly loved.

What a good hearted story, with lots of love and kindness. Myron, we hope you have all the ice cream you want now and know that all the people you love will have fond thoughts of you anytime they enjoy a big bowl of ice cream!

Photo via Facebook – Julie Cornell, KETV

Katie Brady

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