I’m scrubbing the last of the dinner dishes while you sit out on the porch.

Sunlight is trading places with nightfall, and you’re savoring every last drop before it’s time for bed. I hear the pitter-patter of your little feet, and then you shout through the open sliding door, “Mama! I can see the moon! I wish I could go up into the sky and touch it.”

What a simple, very toddler-like, thing for you to say . . . but it stopped me in my tracks. How long has it been since I felt so excited about something so utterly simple and innocent as the moon?

At just barely three years old, you’re still filled with the most beautiful sense of wonder. It’s the kind that has an expiration date—like a favorite blankie or an old, forgotten teddy bear tucked away on the top shelf of a dusty closet. It’s a gift that never seems to last long enough, a part of early childhood that stays rooted there as we grow older and our understanding of the world grows heavier.

But son, of all the things I pray you’ll cling to in this life, that fire in your eyes is at the very top of my list.

I hope you never lose that spark.

I hope you never stop learning and you’re always as curious as you are right here in this season.

When disappointment comes knocking, I hope it will only push you harder in the pursuit of your dreams.

I hope you’ll hold fast to your zest for this grand adventure we’re living.

I hope you never stop viewing the world around you as if it’s new every morning—and reminding me of the same. May you never stop looking at each day as an opportunity to be happy.

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I hope you’ll always see things a little bit differently than others do and know that your unique perspective is what makes you such a treasure.

In a world that will do its best to convince you it’s impossible to grow up and still believe in magic . . . I hope you’ll call that bluff.

It’s my deepest wish that you’ll hold on to the excitement I let go of somewhere along the way—the excitement you’re helping me find again now that I get to be your mama.

Work hard in this life, sweet boy, but please don’t lose that spark of wonder in your eyes.

And never, ever stop dreaming of the night when you can finally reach into the sky and touch the moon.

This sweet book full of wishes will always be one of our favorite bedtime stories to share with our littles.

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Casey Huff

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