I’m going to be honest, after the week my family has had, if I ever catch someone in my newsfeed talking about doctors being greedy or “bought by big pharma” I’m gonna shoot lasers from my eyes and melt them to the ground.

It won’t be a pretty puddle.

My husband is risking himself and our little family every shift and there is no amount of money that will ever make that feel good.

He still has student loans, by the way, and he is perpetually sleep-deprived. He has anxiety about this virus, and his newsfeed is full of people making little of it. But he still kisses his kids goodbye and goes to every shift, preparing for the wave of patients that is inevitably coming.

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Don’t talk about health care heroes right now, post a few memes, then in a few more months go back to trashing the profession. Remember who you leaned on in times of crisis. Remember who showed up, even as their colleagues were dying.

Maybe start respecting the profession again.

This goes for nurses, doctors, PAs, EMTs. The people you rely on when you can’t find an answer online. When the world is genuinely scared.

And not to mention the housekeeping staff at every hospital, the cafeteria workers, the child care providers. The techs and assistants. So many team members who are truly so brave. They are the unseen heroes.

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Remember these people were there for you, please.

Remember that they showed up, every day. They went to work without sufficient protection, risking themselves and their loved ones, because they cared. They cared about YOU.

That’s it.

That’s my post.

My heart hurts too much to say any more. #SupportTheScrubs

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Mary Katherine Backstrom

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