Oh, hey there, husband.

Yeah, I still see you. I see you wake up every morning, get dressed, kiss us goodbye and go to work. I see the pain in your eyes every time you have to leave us, but you do it anyway. For us. I see you coming home with the biggest smile when you see our sons face pressed against the glass awaiting your arrival.

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I see you keep your cool when I am being “a bit” irrational. You know I am tired and hormonal and I don’t mean the ridiculous things I am saying, but you listen and love me through it anyway. Honestly, sometimes this makes me even more upset because I just don’t understand how you keep your cool so well.

I see you are tired, too.

You don’t complain about it because you know that you’ve had much more sleep than me, but being a parent is tough on everyone. Your strength allows me to get through the days because I know we are fighting through them together.

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I see you playing with our boy. The way he looks up at you with happiness and love is nothing short of amazing. I can only hope that he grows into a man as wonderful as you are.

I see you put your needs on the back-burner so you can take care of us. You know I’ve had a rough day, but chances are, so have you. You put me first anyway. Whether you offer to clean the dinner dishes, rub my feet, or walk the dog. I see you doing these small gestures every day to show me how much you care for me and our little family. With that, I see you teaching our son how to be a good man, just like his daddy.

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Babe, I see you. Every. Single. Day. And I thank you for everything you’re doing, even though it may not always seem like it. This first year has been a bit rough on us but there is nobody else I would rather go through it with. I see you struggle through it just as I am and I have never loved you more.

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