Driving to work a few weeks ago, I heard a lady call in who was celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary. As the conversation continued, she said something that stuck with me, “It’s been easy.” I’ve pondered on that statement. Forty years that have been “easy.” My initial thought was that’s impressive, but at the same time, I doubted it.

Then I got to thinking about my marriage and thought actually, I can say the same thing.

I can say the same thing because it’s been easy to love him.

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been times of trial, hurt, or frustration on either of our sides. No, we’ve certainly had our share of mountains and valleys we’ve had to overcome. But we did. And we did it together.

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Have there been times when an issue seemed bigger than we could handle? Maybe. I think we’ve always known we would work hard together through anything life threw our way.

Even in those hard times though, it was never hard to love him.

When I thought about it, through every obstacle, I’ve found more ways to love him. I love that at every turn, we’re holding hands and talking through it. There have been times neither of us really cared to talk to the other about whatever issue was at hand, but we knew we had to for us. For us . . . because we love us.

Together we’re better.

We’re better parents. We’re better people. We’re better partners. Love does that, it makes you better.

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So while every path may not be smooth as glass, loving my husband has been easy.

I think if it’s an easy love, you know it’s the right love.

When I’m old and gray, I hope someone asks me how we’ve done it so that I can answer, “It’s been easy.”

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