I get it. She’s been hard to live with lately.

She’s been angry.
She’s been frustrated.
She’s been (ridiculously) quick to argue.

But what if, while she was stood to the kitchen sink this evening doing dishes, you grabbed the dry cloth and told her she was beautiful?

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What if, while she was carrying the basket of dirty clothes to the laundry room tonight, you reached for the basket and told her that you will throw it in the washer?

What if, while she was laying dinner out on the kitchen table today after work, you placed your hand on top of hers and told her it looked delicious?

What if, while she was tucking the littles in tonight, you walked in and hugged her, and told her in front of the children that she was an amazing mother?

What if, when she got back home from grocery shopping tomorrow, you helped her pack the food away and told her that the house runs so well because she’s in it?

What if you go home today and notice that she’s still angry, frustrated, and (ridiculously) quick to argue . . . 

Instead of choosing to join her chaos, you choose to help settle it?

For sometimes (yes, even if she may say it), I promise it’s not always you.

It’s just everything else.

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And right now, if she’s upset, frustrated, and (ridiculously) quick to argue?

Her story just really, really needs a hero.

And I think you’re perfect for the part.

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