Have you ever noticed how so many times in life we want something so badly, and when we get that something it doesn’t quite live up to our expectations of what we thought it would be? It happens all of the time.

That piece of chocolate cake is usually not worth the calories. That movie we couldn’t wait to see has a disappointing ending. These are little things. But even sometimes the big things in life, like that job we wanted so much, or that relationship we tried to cling to, leave us disappointed.

In my life, I have noticed one amazing exception to this patternbeing a mother.

I have been a mom for over five years now. And for so many years before that, I wanted to be one. I thought about what it would be like. I prayed for children. I begged God to let me experience this gift, for the chance to be called Mommy. And He so graciously gave me what I asked in the form of two energetic little boys. Now I spend all day, every day chasing after them, playing with them, teaching them, and savoring every minute.

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Being a mother is the one thing I can truly say has been everything I thought and hoped and prayed and dreamed it would be.

In fact, it has been and continues to be so much more.

More love.

More joy.

More hugs.

More kisses.

More snuggles.

More playfulness.

More singing.

More dancing.

More laughter.

More memories.

More exploring.

More learning.

More reflecting.

More wonder.

More fun.

More kindness.

More patience.

More self-control.

More humility.

More compassion.

More forgiveness.

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More grace.

More prayer.

More purpose.

More meaning.

More life.

More faith.

More trust.

More hope.

More thankfulness.

Every time I look at my sons, I realize what a gift they are.

I never forget how badly I wanted them in my life or how hard I prayed for them. Being a mother makes me see each day of life with a more grateful heart. My world is filled with so much more beauty because my sons are a part of it.

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Nothing has ever made me want to seek to know God more than being a mom and having two little lives to guide and teach. Nothing has ever made me stop and think about just how good and loving God is, than looking into the eyes of my children. I can never thank Him enough for answering my prayer and letting me experience this priceless gift.

There are many things in life that might leave us disappointed, but for me, this thing we call motherhood is all I ever wanted, and so much more.

Angela Sensenig

Angela Sensenig is a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife, and mother of two little boys and one little dog. She is a former teacher now embracing her role as a stay-at-home mom. She finds joy singing and playing the piano, riding horses, and running. Through the changing seasons of life and family, it is her goal to practice contentment and gratitude every day. She is so thankful to God for grace, His unfailing love, and for the gift of motherhood. She loves being a mom so much that she started a blog in hopes to share encouragement about life through God's Word and her reflections on raising children. She is passionate about learning and sharing Biblical truths that will enrich and refresh the hearts of mothers everywhere. You can find more of her writing at Thankfulmommy.com, or follow her “Thankful Mommy” page on Facebook and Thankfulmommyblog on Instagram.