There was once a time when the St. Patty’s Day holiday had me taking the day off from work and searching for just right green attire for the 17th O’ March. Come the day of the Irish I could be found crammed into a booth near the front of O’Mally’s around 8 or 9am, indulging in green beers-a-plenty and bread bowls of stew.

While the gluttonous glory days are long since a faded memory, my joy at the prospect of this particular holiday was recently renewed during a routine visit to the dentist. Oh yes, the dentist. I was indulging in a few minutes of kid-free quiet time to peruse, at my leisure, the local newspaper when my eyes and brain and heart and sweet tooth all began to glow upon reading the title of the article… Irish Car Bomb – The Cupcake.

Irish Car Bomb – The Drink may be foul enough to turn my stomach at the thought, but a cupcake? Surely there can be nothing foul and revolting about a cupcake! I’ve made them for years now and I assure you, they are sweetly divine. If I had to choose one ICB cupcake or an entire box of cookies from a little girl in a uniform at my door, well… hit the road, Suzie Q. This is a grownup’s cupcake. Not for the unrefined palettes of kids. (Not to mention the smidgen of alcohol.)

Before I grace you with a link for this recipe I must warn you that these are addicting. If you make them and share them be prepared to make them again, and again, and again…

And there are rules for eating them… so don’t skip this section or you’ll miss the full experience of the ICB Cupcake. (Affectionately know by me as “The Bomb”, because they are just that.)

Rules for Eating “The Bomb”

1. Cupcake must be slightly warm when eating for optimum filling deliciousness. I recommend a 15 second whirl in the microwave. (Don’t overdo it… we don’t want the frosting to melt.)

2. Be a lady… use a fork. This isn’t some smash it in your mouth cupcake. This is a “savor and enjoy” cupcake. Give it the respect it deserves with a nice plate and a fancy fork.

3. Have a beverage handy. I highly recommend a nice tall glass of ice cold milk, but I’d say a tasty Kahlua and Cream would be a nice accompaniment as well… depends on how much alcohol you intend to consume in a quick sit-down for dessert.

4. Share with your closest friends. Make it an event. The Bomb deserves an event of her very own.

Drumroll please…

While she gives it a definitively more P.C. name, Michelle over at Brown Eyed Baker has this recipe down to a science, accompanied by beautiful photos and step-by-step instructions. My only modification is to add a pinch of sea salt to the filling.

Find the recipe here and Enjoy!!!

Photo from: Brown Eyed Baker

Kristin Herrera

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