They started dating as freshmen in high school. My son was 14.

That’s young.

Sixteen was the original law we had for when our kids could start dating. Etched on the same parental 10 commandment tablets as “Our baby will not use a pacifier” (ha), “our children will not get a cell phone before [enter any age here]” (double ha), and “our children would never do that” (puh-leez, they absolutely will).

When our son began pressing us to start dating when he was 14, we relented. They were good kids, they respected our rules, and they were so sweet to each other.

There were strict guidelines though:

1. No bedrooms.
2. No being alone in the house.
3. Only group dates.

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Unlike typical high school relationships, theirs was not a fickle and fleeting infatuation. They were best friends. Introverts who could confide in each other, be quiet together, and whose interests were compatible.

They had a rare mutual combination of trust, respect, and support. 

Throughout the next three years of high school, they became inseparable.

They still are today.

There is no drama between them, no loud arguments, and no festering jealousy. Not your typical high school relationship for sure. 

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When the pandemic hit, they didn’t see each other for two months. My son raised enough money from family and friends to buy her a Nintendo Switch Lite so she would have something fun to do on her family’s rural farm place. She mailed him care packages of treats. She also, over the years, has done numerous drawings of the two of them which adorn his locker at school and his desk at home.

I am grateful for my teenage son’s girlfriend.

She is so kind, thoughtful, generous, sweet, and has made my son so happy throughout his entire high school career. She has been there for all the good and bad. Unwavering. Steadfast.

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They are blessed to have each other. She has treated my son the way I always prayed he would be treated.

What more could a mom ask for?

Melissa Neeb

I'm a Minnesota native and lover of nature, WW2 memoirs, rescue dogs, photography, and thrifting. My husband and two teenagers are the great loves of my life. I am passionate about advocating for addiction recovery, writing about parenting, life, faith, and everything in between.