Are you at a crossroads? Maybe you’re turning a decade older. Maybe you’re in a new season of life. Maybe you’re right in the middle of a very long season of life and you need to get refocused. Wherever you are in the million different places we can find ourselves, maybe it’s time to take a hard look at your life. Maybe it’s time to play the grown-up version of Truth and Dare.


Are you happy?

Do you like who you’ve become?

Are you still becoming?

Do you come alive each new day or are you sleepwalking through life?

What are your passions?

How are you living them out on a daily basis?

Are you going through a difficult season? Have you made peace with it?

Have you given up and stayed or moved on?

What feeds your soul?

Are you thirsty or satisfied?

Who are you investing in?

Are you on that list?

Are you hiding?

Are your fears winning?

Are you wiser? Do you wear it like a badge in your actions not just the lines on your face?

Are you making choices that add or subtract from your life?

Do you live loved?

Do you give love? Real, no holds barred, kinda love?

Do you laugh often? Big, loud, embarrassing kinda laughs that show the world you’re not afraid to be you?

Do you shrink yourself small so as to go unnoticed? Or have you learned there’s a place on this Earth for you that no one else can fill?

Has life pushed and pulled you, but it’s only made you more flexible and you know your own strength now?

Have you called on the name of the Lord? Have you found him, yet?

Have you let go of the regrets and made peace with the broken promises to yourself?

Dare to…

Be your own best friend.

Dance when the dance floor is empty.

Say brave things to scared people and let them feed off your courage.

Pray big, bold prayers and believe in them.

Smile at everyone you meet and be the kindness you want to see in the world.

Look for people that need help and be their people.

Give lavishly of yourself and your resources.

Carve out time just for you.

Don’t just go to the park with your kids. Swing, too.

Pursue your passions, as little or as big as they are.

Forgive those who have hurt you.

Call that person that needs to hear from you.

Believe in yourself.

Look at your problems as opportunities instead of brick walls.

Make your friends family and your family friends.

Go on big adventures, even if it’s in your own backyard.

Determine to finish strong.

Sherry White

Sherry White writes about the messiness of life, parenting, and faith at her blog The Messy Christian. She tries to add her own brand of humor and insight into everyday issues we all face, reminding us that even though we find ourselves in countless messes, God’s grace lights the way. She would be thrilled if you follower her on Facebook and Instagram.