We all do it! Every morning, over our coffee, we scroll and eye roll at those posts on Facebook. Those moms that look like they have it all figured out. The moms with the smiling kids in a family Christmas photo, the cute photos of their kids playing (surrounded in a clean house), and the documented trips to the zoo with the giggly selfies.

I will be the first to stand up, and the first to admit that I am ONE OF THOSE WOMEN! One of those lying, sick, horribly mean women. I put fourth this fake front, a frosted window into my life. 

For every photo of my wonderful daughter in her cute boot cut jeans and Gymboree sweater pretending to feed the dog pretend cupcakes she made in her play kitchen, there is a whole world behind the photo you don’t see! The cuteness captured in the photo is the me that Facebook sees, however it’s a lie! The real me is standing there still in my pj’s with little flicks of egg and yogurt from my toddlers breakfast still clinging to my shirt, the dishes are stacked in the sink from the night before, I was up most of the night before with a screaming toddler, and I am pretty sure that the wet spot on the kitchen floor is from the dog. We all have had those days, its not every day, but as a mom you know what I am talking about.

This isn’t the me Facebook sees. I lie to Facebook. I don’t share the dark side of parenting with Facebook. I put on my mask and pretend everything is OK. I wouldn’t want Facebook to know that I am a minute from tears because I am so physically exhausted, or that seconds later the toddler is screaming and the dog is barking. I just capture that moment with a sun shinny comment, and keep smiling.

Why as women do we do this? Why do we walk around with our masks on? Why can’t we show each other the struggle we are going through that day. As mothers we should lean on each other, and offer support. 

Facebook has become the newest way of keeping up with the Jones’. It’s the new way to compete with each other in the endless battle for the “best parent” award.

We are all guilty of it! Next time you see those cute photos of the “prefect” children, just remember it’s a lie! Take those Facebook post in stride because its not always true.

Annie Henriksen

My name is Annie. I am the mother of two free-spirted kids, a freelance writer, and the face behind LaughterandKisses.com. Laughter and Kisses is all about filling your home with love and laughing instead of crying over those hard-parenting days! I spend most of my day chasing after these two blurry lightning bolts, I call my children. If I didn’t have my hands full enough with sippy cups and sticky mystery items, I am also on the board of directors of two non-profits. I am a freelance writer for multiple parenting websites; including Her View From Home and That’s Inappropriate. I have been honored to be featured on such sites as Romper, Pop Sugar, and Mummy Pages-UK. I’m not going to lie, I consume a massive amount of coffee each day just to keep up with life. Even though my days are jammed packed, I would not have it any other way! At the end of the day, after all of the struggles, I kiss my kid’s good night and it’s all worth it!