Hey there mama in your 20s.

Can I ask you something? Is this how you pictured this decade of your life? Wiping bums and drippy noses?

Maybe, like me, you envisioned something totally different.

Maybe you saw yourself living your 20s unattached, single, free. Maybe it wasn’t until you found yourself at the start of this decade that you suddenly realized you were meant for something more; meant for being a young mother and raising a young soul, or two, or three. . . during these prime years of your life.

If you had asked me at my high school graduation where I thought I’d be in the not-so-distant future, I probably would have recited any number of things other than this life that I’m living. Yet here I am, falling into bed in an exhausted heap before 9 o’clock, while so many of my same-age peers are only just beginning their nights.

We started this parenting gig young, Mama. We gave the freedom of our youth in exchange for a life of responsibility, and while I’m sure that you—like me—would choose to do it over again a thousand times, that doesn’t mean that it’s without its challenges.

Mama in your 20s, are you like me? Are you the first of your friends to travel down this blessed and windy road?

While we’re at home holding down the fort, our friends are out there living it up.

While we’re wearing second day sweatpants and stained t-shirts over torsos that have been tattooed with stretch marks, our peers are donning the latest fashions on their toned silhouettes.

While our phone storage is filled to capacity with sleeping babies, sweet smiles, and unsteady first steps, the Instagram feeds of other twentysomethings are filled with exotic vacations and evidence of lifestyles as free as they desire them to be.

When we find ourselves knee-deep in motherhood it can be easy to glamorize those tiny squares that tell the story of the carefree life we passed up in exchange for this more demanding one we’re living.

If you’re anything like me, at times you might let your mind wander to those places and wonder what that must be like, skipping through these years without the responsibility of caring for tiny lives day in and day out.

But if you let your gaze fall from the glow of your phone screen long enough to soak in the tiny face, fluttering eyelids, and chubby fingers dreaming peacefully in your arms, your heart will understand that it’s right where it’s supposed to be.

Sweet mama in your 20s, don’t discount all of the blessings those of us in this exclusive club get to claim as our own.

Don’t miss the chance to celebrate the privilege it is to be a young mom.

Don’t overlook the fact that while you may feel like you’re losing your mind at times, you’re also constantly discovering new corners of your heart as it stretches and grows to encompass your love.

Don’t forget to appreciate the sweet mixture of youth and wisdom that has been gifted to you during this season.

Don’t fail to realize that although some of your friendships may disintegrate under the weight of drastically different life stages, you will have new friendships that blossom between yourself and other mothers; friendships that will begin to look a whole lot more like sisterhood as you navigate the world of motherhood side-by-side.

Above all, don’t you ever, ever doubt that being a mother in your 20s is the sweetest, most worthwhile task you could ever undertake during this decade of life.

Yep, mama, we started young.

And we were made for this.

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Yep, mama, we started young. And we were made for this. #newmom #parenting #motherhood

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Casey Huff

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